Bridging the Me
and the We

Our coaching focuses on interpersonal dynamics and behavior change. We support both individuals and teams on a journey to self-awareness and meaningful connection that fosters greater humanity at work. Grey coaching increases emotional intelligence, team bonds, trust, and effective communication.

Connect & Grow
with Coaching

We strengthen interpersonal dynamics through active listening, powerful questioning, direct communication, and the use of different methods to solve for different needs. To address structured behavioral change, we use the GROW model. For less defined needs, we facilitate generative exploration and co-create solutions.

Who It Helps

Our method is geared toward duos or teams seeking to strengthen emotional intelligence, connection, and communication skills. We prefer to focus on groups for greater impact, as work rarely happens in isolation.


All of our coaches either have graduate level training in social or cultural sciences, or a coaching certification.

“This has been quite the journey and we are incredibly grateful for all of the mentoring, tools and gifts [Live Grey] provided and shared with us at VaynerMedia.”

Claude Silver, Chief Heart Officer, VaynerMedia


Learning in a group setting is powerful and beneficial on both individual and team levels. By moving between a focus on personal learning and relational experiences, individuals and teams can test new tools and lessons, and become stronger, more empathetic communicators.

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