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[email protected] Company Culture Conferences bring together heads of people, human resource professionals, executives, and culture thought leaders to share inspiring advice and engage in thoughtful discussions. It is an immersive two-day exploration of how to create connected cultures and unified teams.

Brooklyn, NY

October 17–18, 2017

Explore connection and culture in a quiet corner of the big city.

Bay Area, CA

Early 2018

Get out of the office and into the sun for an immersive experience.

By Companies, For Companies

The [email protected] Company Culture Conferences are Live Grey’s flagship offering. We’re proud to partner with business and people team leaders from companies of all sizes to host and foster this cultural conversation.

More Than a Conference

Banish the idea of a stuffy boardroom or hotel banquet hall. [email protected] is all about blending the personal and professional, bringing our whole selves to work, and taking the discussion to the real world where our themes, topics, and collaborators (like you) really work, play, and live.

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