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Find Your Purpose.
Make Your Impact.

People feel most fulfilled and impactful when engaged in purposeful work. To find this sense of meaning and engagement, it is crucial to discover your own purpose and be able to align with and fully express it in your workplace.



This program combines a data-driven approach with a creative exploration of identity. Participants are asked to use both the right and left sides of their brains to find their personal purpose.


Our Live Grey Guides draw on backgrounds in business leadership, coaching, facilitation, and organizational design to lead your people through levels of personal and interpersonal discovery.


This in-person, facilitated experience can be held in various settings from offices to offsites.


This program will help participants see themselves through the eyes of others to discover their purpose and apply those learnings to the following:


Develop your personal purpose statement and learn how it better connects you to your role and your teammates.

You + Team

By practicing vulnerability and openness, individuals share their personal purpose to strengthen the group understanding of what drives them. This deeper level of understanding strengthens team dynamics.

“I can’t reiterate enough how glowing our team is after your program on Purpose. You guys are really doing something special.”

Mike Del Ponte, CEO, SOMA

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