Team Development Services

Create Connection, Gain Insight, Evolve Together.

Our approach to team development combines our Culture Consulting with programs designed to unify your team for a more connected, human workplace. This combined approach unfolds through our Grey Process. It simultaneously unifies your people through shared experiences while gathering and explaining rich qualitative and quantitative data on your culture. This information becomes the basis of actionable insights and strategic recommendations that we support you to implement through coaching and consulting.

The Grey Process

The Grey Process unfolds through three phases: Discovery, Analysis, and Action. From gathering context and data, to diving in with your teams, to empowering you to implement the most vital recommendations, we leave your teams more connected and give you the insight and tools you need. We cover everything from group coaching to organization design to internal culture branding.

Culture Consulting

Using a foundation in organizational development and social science, we support needs ranging from internal culture branding, to people strategy, to organization design.

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Teams come together regularly to live into their intentions and commitments, strengthen bonds, and implement new behaviors in a supportive, facilitated environment.

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Our flagship program is designed to connect individuals, orient teams, and introduce or reinforce culturally relevant behaviors throughout the organization.

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Participants find and share their personal purpose through the combination of a data-driven approach and a creative exploration of identity.

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