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Know Your Values.
Create Connection.

Your personal values embody what is most important to you. They inform and guide your judgments, actions, and decisions. Before you can lead a purposeful life and meaningful career, you need to know what you value. Building this self-awareness enables you to connect meaningfully and communicate authentically within your team and company.



The program uses Live Grey Values Cards, a colorful card deck designed to help you identify your personal and team values, and the role each play in your life.


Our Live Grey Guides draw on backgrounds in business leadership, coaching, facilitation, and organizational design to lead your people through levels of personal and interpersonal discovery.


Our program focuses first on the individual level, then connects to the team and organizational levels. Working at these three systemic levels enables us to create connection, generate team values, and collect rich data that can impact the whole organization, leading to a more human workplace.


Through this experience, your people will come away with the ability to discover, discern and act on their values and apply those learnings to the following systems:


Discover what you value most and least, discern priorities, and act on gained self-awareness to live more fully into your

You + Another

Learn to share your values with someone else, explain why you chose those values and what they mean to you. Learn to listen actively and with empathy, and to better understand one another.

You + Team

Work together to discover your team values, discern how they work for all members, and create a time-based commitment for a shared value.

You + Company

Better understand your company values, learn how they were chosen, and discuss and choose ways to better live into them.

“The [email protected] experience not only gave the opportunity to explore these values but truly defined how to incorporate core values into your day-to-day to become an authentic leader.”

Brittany Gilstein, Supply Chain Production Manager, PepsiCo, Inc.

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